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Amazing pair of twos

Update — get both Mass Effect 1 AND 2 for $50 on Amazon! I just finished a second game that I haven’t talked about here. My new year’s resolution was to be finish games that I start. I’m easily distracted by new shiny, so I end up with a lot of unfinished games. Last night I finished the second game in a row that ends in “2” — a pair.. Read More

Virtual Boy Returns! (?)

Nintendo let out a press release today teasing their next portable gaming system, the Nintendo 3DS (probably a working title). It’s apparently going to feature 3D gaming w/o the use of glasses. Things I’m happy about: Backwards compatibility with DS and DSi. ‘Nuff said. I’m slightly interested in the DS online store, but don’t want to buy a DSi. They haven’t specifically stated that it’s going to be able to.. Read More