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Hulu Plus may drop to $5 to boost sagging demand

God.  I hope so.  I tried it for a while, but at $10/month, it wasn’t worth it.  I love the convenience of the queue, and the amount of ads, but $10/month is too much for a service that’s only got a fraction of the content available over the air. MacNN | The Macintosh News Network via Hulu Plus may drop to $5 to boost sagging demand.

Hulu headed to a Xbox 360 dashboard near you?

Engadget HD has a source that’s claims to have seen the latest builds of the 360 Dashboard, including a Hulu app :O It’s already my Netflix box, but adding Hulu would be fantastic.  What remains to be seen is whether or not the Hulu premiere content is going to impact this.  I’m still not clear on what they’re going to offer as premiere content, or whether I’m willing to pay.. Read More

Hulu’s back on boxee :)

TUAW‘s running a story on how the boxee devs managed to get around hulu‘s (feeble) attempt at blocking boxee from accessing hulu. I was more than a little irritated at hulu at first about how they were going after boxee, especially since the ads were still being viewed, and there was really no difference between me watching content on my AppleTV vice a computer+browser, but Brian Brushwood made a GREAT.. Read More