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Paper — iOS painting & sketching app

I just read about Paper, a promising new sketching/painting app on iOS. The video above had me excited until I read the reviews that complained about how each brush is two dollars…. The app’s free, so I’ll have a quick peek, but damn is this disappointing.

Dear Steve

I just emailed Steve Jobs. Steve — I’m eager to get an iPad and could justify it if iPhone OS offered Fast User Switching, a la Mac OS. When my woman gets onto the device, I’d love for her to be able to switch users and have all of her app preferences loaded. Facebook Mail Tweetdeck WordPress Safari bookmarks/cookies/keychain Apple Game achievements iAd stats (we’re likely to see remarkably different.. Read More

iPad wings

I’ve been calmly waiting in the iPad wings (see what I did there?) for all of the iPad hype to slow down before I added my ยข2 to the blahgosphere. Now that we’ve all had a chance to absorb (I did it again!) a super amount of blue-dyed water information about the iPad, I can skip all of the preliminary information on what it is & such. Call me lazy.. Read More