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MD GOP wants to take their ball and go home

Rather than attempt to work out his differences w/ the Democrats, Maryland douche delegate Don H. Dwyer Jr tried to have his opponents fired because he apparently doesn’t like gays. Don Dwyer Jr; you’re a fucking douche. Md. impeachment effort rejected – GOP lawmaker sought to oust state attorney general over opinion on gay marriage By Julie Bykowicz April 1, 2010 A House of Delegates committee rejected Wednesday a.. Read More

Pelosi = Winnar

So; let’s summarize. America executed Japanese WWII soldiers who waterboarded American POWs because we deemed it torture. Sixty years later, we conveniently choose to forget that inconvenient fact and then waterboard prisoners we’re holding in Gitmo. Earlier this year, Speaker Pelosi flatly accuses the CIA of routinely misleading Congress about their knowledge of waterboarding in Gitmo. The fuming Republican minority speak out vehemently against the Speaker and demand an investigation.. Read More