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Keyboard shortcuts for pop-up menus :O

Whoa.  I’ve created & modified keyboard shortcuts for apps, but I didn’t realize it worked like this.  I know of a few places I can use this already :’) Thanks, Brent! MarsEdit tip: shortcuts for weblog menu: MarsEdit tip: shortcuts for weblog menu In MarsEdit there are two weblogs I post to most often, and I don’t like pulling down the menu item via my mouse to choose the.. Read More

Clean your download folder

So my Downloads folder was getting a little messy, and I’m a file system fascist, so that just didn’t sit well with me.  DOWN WITH DISORDER!  I initially tried my hand at an Automator-generated Folder Action, but I found that as soon as Firefox starts saving a file, the AppleScript would launch as an application, taking the focus away from the browser, run for about 5s, then quit, but not.. Read More