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PS3 to finally bow down to The One Remote

I just read on Engadget HD that Logitech’s finally releasing their official PS3/Harmony adapter! Pretty much every device I care about in my house is controlled through my Harmony 890:  360, TVs, stereos, lights, my bedroom fan… with one exception.  The PS3’s Bluetooth remote was the stumbling block; the 890 speaks infrared and radio frequency, but not Bluetooth. Once I get this thing ($60, available this month!), the PS3 will.. Read More

PS3 Firmware 2.4 is out

Trophies are a go — in-game messaging?  Go. The only regrets I have are that I’m not home to get it downloaded (at Sony’s ridiculously slow pace) I just got my 100th headshot award in Uncharted last night. I finally bought a DualShock 3 last week, and it’s amazing what a difference it makes.  The controller finally feels like it’s the proper weight, and the feedback is exactly what I’ve.. Read More