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AT&T axes unlimited data, unveils tethering price

Oh noes :( It’s evil genius.  My father will probably go to $15/month and can use the tethering, and I’ll probably drop from $30 unlimited to the $25 limited, but the 2GB cap is going to be there at the back of my mind, annoying me. Yay.  Tethering. via AT&T axes unlimited data, unveils tethering price.

Google Reader RSS iPhone app MobileRSS on sale for a buck

MobileRSS is on sale for $0.99 today.  I have no idea how long the sale will last, but I’ve been using the free client for about a month now and it’s the only Google Reader (greader) RSS client for the iPhone that I’ve found useful/worth using. The biggest feature that won me over is the fact that it syncs so seamlessly and quickly with the web interface.  I’ve tried 3.. Read More

First Look: iDisplay

TUAW just clued me into iDisplay. OMG is it incredible.  mY iPhone is now a 2nd display for my netbook! XD

iPhone Foosball

This looks pretty fantastic. The devs create a puff of air from the iPhone’s speaker to propel a tiny styrofoam ball so that you can play foosball w/ a competitor :D

Murlock iPhone Holder

Check out my iPhone holder :) This cute murlock was a gift from my woman. He makes a great phone holder. Also pictured: my Macbook Mini.