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5-Row QWERTY Keyboard for iPhone

Saweeet.  I’m installing it right now. IPhone Apps: 5-Row QWERTY Jailbreak App Fixes One of the iPhone Keyboard’s Most Annoying Flaws: You can find this app listed under “5-Row QWERTY Keyboard” in Cydia.

Third-party browsers on iPhone are official

iPodNN | Apple greenlights third-party iPhone browsers: Apple greenlights third-party iPhone browsers A slate of new third-party web browsers has unexpectedly appeared at the App Store, reports indicate. Fantastic.  I hope this leads to a mobile version of Firefox that supports addons.

Trapster for iPhone

On the way home yesterday, I stopped at the grocery store and thought, “This is the perfect time to try out that app I downloaded!” Trapster IMMEDIATELY started telling me, “Police often hide here.” in a pleasant female voice. Since the phone is also my mp3 player, and is plugged into the car stereo, it was imposssible to ignore. I dropped my speed to within reasonable limits, crested a hill.. Read More

Eff you, iPhone backup process

After reading this story, I’ve decided that I too, am going to skip the backup process. It takes me a LONG time to do my backups, and I’m quite tired of it. I don’t think it’s worth having the backups, given I can get the apps quickly, my data’s in MobileMe and the backups don’t work, anyway. I was late to two events last weekend because of it. I don’t.. Read More