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SNES 360

Ok, so by now you know that I’ve been playing some SNES games on the Macbook Mini. ┬áIt’s definitely been fun, but the qwerty control method was just way too goofy for me. I needed a control pad — it was driving me nuts! I’ve had a few in the past, but they were always cheap-ish affairs that… well, sucked. I then pondered whether or not it was possible to.. Read More

Super NES on my Macbook Mini

Snes9x is a Super Nintendo (SNES) emulator that lets you play Super NES games on your computer (Mac & PC). The emulator itself is legal, and if you own an original cartridge of the SNES game, then it’s apparently ok to have a copy of the program in a file on your computer, known as a ROM. Snes9X has been around for ages, & I’ve toyed around w/ it for.. Read More