I’m just pasting this in: I was just telling Steve and Gray about it.

traffic was unusually slow:
i saw some lights ahead & tons of cop cars along the opposite side of the highway
on my side, i saw a news truck: the kind w/ the satellite mast
then i saw a white toyota truck on the right side of the opposing lanes
the driver’s door was wide open, and the truck looked like it’d kind of …. settled there. not crashed, but settled.
it was about 3 car widths off the road
angled about 25 degrees away from the road
about 100m back…
in the middle of the highway
the driver was laying there, on his back, covered in a sheet
his feet were both pointed outwards: 180 degrees away from each other
it was unnatural
there was some viscera strewn about
the cops had that side of the highway completely blocked, and were diverting traffic off at the exit prior to the mess

Update:  here’s a story about it.  Apparently the truck was his, and he was walking on the road when someone hit him and left the scene.