Harmony PS3 Adapter next to an iPhone
Harmony PS3 Adapter next to an iPhone (Photo source: Engadget)

I just read on Engadget HD that Logitech’s finally releasing their official PS3/Harmony adapter!

Pretty much every device I care about in my house is controlled through my Harmony 890:  360, TVs, stereos, lights, my bedroom fan… with one exception.  The PS3’s Bluetooth remote was the stumbling block; the 890 speaks infrared and radio frequency, but not Bluetooth.

Once I get this thing ($60, available this month!), the PS3 will feel less like a gimmick/toy.  I suppose it’s a little unfair, since the 360 already controls fine w/ the Harmony, but watching HD-DVDs on that thing (w/ the optional drive that you had to buy seperately) always feels juvenile because of the 360’s intentionally youthful UI.  The PS3’s Cross Media Bar (XMB) shows a lot more restraint, maturity and elegance.  Even the startup routines and sounds on the PS3 are more refined, avoiding the 360’s playful and cliche’ “I’M EXTREME!” attitude.  Wrap it up with a sleek, jet black piano finish (don’t forget the quiet fans!) and you’ve got one secksie beast!

Let’s face it:  Bluray is still so new to most people that it’s a treat for me to share the new tech w/ them.  Showing off your man den is a long standing tradition.  Today, tech is a huge part of the man den.  When you have a universal remote that bends all of your commands into one button press, deftly turning on all of your different devices, dimming your lights to just the right level and switching everything into GO! mode… you look like a tool when you have to pick up a Dual Shock to press play.