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AT&T axes unlimited data, unveils tethering price

Oh noes :( It’s evil genius.  My father will probably go to $15/month and can use the tethering, and I’ll probably drop from $30 unlimited to the $25 limited, but the 2GB cap is going to be there at the back of my mind, annoying me. Yay.  Tethering. via AT&T axes unlimited data, unveils tethering price.

Hulu headed to a Xbox 360 dashboard near you?

Engadget HD has a source that’s claims to have seen the latest builds of the 360 Dashboard, including a Hulu app :O It’s already my Netflix box, but adding Hulu would be fantastic.  What remains to be seen is whether or not the Hulu premiere content is going to impact this.  I’m still not clear on what they’re going to offer as premiere content, or whether I’m willing to pay.. Read More