The real problem w/ Sony’s PS3 and PlayStation Network (PSN) isn’t the recent security issue.  That’s definitely A Problem, but it’s not the network’s biggest.


Last night I wanted to play Gran Turismo 5 (thanks, John!).  I haven’t played it since it’s launch, and I’ve finally come to grips that I’m not going to use the expensive steering wheel that I bought for the last Gran Turismo.  The wheel’s really nice, but the game is just more fun w/ a SixAxis.

FOUR HOURS LATER, the ridiculous patching process finished.

It took about 1.5 hours to download the first 340mb patch.  That works out to a paltry 500kbps.  By today’s standards, that’s unusually slow for a major service provider and entertainment company.

Here’s the kicker:  after the download completed, it took another… 10 minutes to install?  Then there was an additional 40mb patch and then ANOTHER 340mb patch!?

I played my 360 for most of the night.  I played a TON of Trials HD and the Dirt 2 demo to try and satisfy my racing hunger.  Don’t get me wrong, 360-land isn’t perfect either; my woman’s 360 red-ringed Friday (AGAIN) and my 360 Elite’s optical drive is shot (both are out of warranty).

At the end of the night, when I finally switched back to the PS3 to see if things were patched, I was faced w/ GT5 telling me that my system clock was wrong.  By this time, I was so angry with Sony that I actually swore at my TV.  This particular situtation could arguably be self-inflicted because I, the neglectful racer, haven’t played GT5 in months.  I concede that point, but what argument is there for the other lost evenings of playtime when there was an OS patch?

The updating and patching on PS3 just causes too much friction.  It’s not a lot, and it’s all essentially automated, but it’s more than the other consoles in my house.  I admittedly have a LOT of devices vying for my attention at home, but when the one constant feeling I associate w/ PS3 is disgust, I naturally avoid the punitive experience it offers.

If updates were quick and effortless, I’d likely spend more time (and money) on my PS3.  Sony?  Are you listening?