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I love OS X

I was faced w/ having to process a text file today. The text file was an LDAP export; full of tons of information on each user account. I only needed one line of the roughly 30 lines in each user’s account information. There are over 200 user accounts in that file; roughly 6000 lines. My first thought? Let’s try MS Word. Guess what: it’s wildcard find/replace engine is really, really.. Read More

It’s a sad, sad day: Microsoft to buy Groove Networks

As a Domino Developer, this makes me really, really sad.  This is the moment in collaborative computing where Darth Vader joins the dark side. Microsoft to buy Groove Networks | CNET Microsoft to buy Groove Networks Published: March 10, 2005, 6:04 AM PST By  Martin LaMonica Staff Writer, CNET Microsoft on Thursday said it will acquire Groove Networks and make Groove’s founder, Ray Ozzie, chief technology officer at.. Read More

Slashdot | Microsoft Uncertain About WinFS for XP

Slashdot | Microsoft Uncertain About WinFS for XP: Microsoft Uncertain About WinFS for XP Posted by samzenpus on Wednesday March 09, @09:41PM from the still-deciding dept. Ant writes “As a follow-up to WinFS to be available in WinXP story from a few days ago, BetaNews reports that Microsoft (MS) stopped short of confirming reports that it plans to back-port its next-generation WinFS file system architecture to Windows XP. MS tells.. Read More


Whew…. I’m feeling reaaaaally unmotivated to work this morning.  I’m really not sure why, either; I slept really well, I’ve had my cup of coffee (huge google mug), and I’ve read through some news (w/ NetNewsWire). Huh… maybe i just need time for the caffeine to kick in.  More later :)

Really Slick DHTML Calendar

I just had to jot a quick note:  this calendar looks to be exactly what I want.  I’ll have to read through the documentation tonight. More later!