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Ugh….. 16 hours of work

What a long day yesterday was. We’ve been using VMWare’s ESX server to virtualize the 26 boxes we have here.  As a long-time fan of VirtualPC (now owned by Microsoft), I was anxious to try their server offering when it became available, but the ESX server is just so much further along than VPC it just made sense go w/ EMC’s product (they bought VMWare). So far, I LOVE having.. Read More

Meeting Day

*Whew* Yesterday was meeting day. Some of you will surely scoff at my so-called “Meeting Day”:  I had two meetings.  I normally have about two meetings…. a month.  Wait:  scratch that.  I have them so infrequently that I can’t properly characterize their frequency. Funny thing is:  I had two on Friday, too. I write about them because they were so incredibly different — they were held as pairs, so Monday’s.. Read More

Clinton sleeps on floor – Clinton sleeps on floor so elder Bush can have bed – Mar 6, 2005: I know that many people dislike him, but stories like this impress me.

Katie’s Computing Stuff

Katie’s Computing Stuff: I ran across this site the other day on Volker‘s site. Katie’s got some incredible insight into the world of software development.  Every one of her observations were good; if you’re a developer in an large company, read a few. If you’re like me, you’ll probably read them all.  :)