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Just one more thing…

I got an email from Apple last night letting me know that my pre-ordered copy of Steve Jobs’ bio was ready to download. When I clicked the provided link, I was taken to iBooks, where it’d already been downloaded; via iCloud; in the background; on both my iPhone and my iPad. Thanks, Steve. And goodbye.

Hang out with Felicia Day in Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin DLC

Ha — how cool is this?  Felicia Day’s lent both her likeness and her voice to some Dragon Age 2 DLC.  Once I get my copy back from my nephew, I’ll nab this and let you know how it is. Check out the trailer on Joystiq at this link: Hang out with Felicia Day in Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin DLC.  

Address Book Ownership

With a fledgling social network on the rise (Google+), it’s time I rant a little about a pet peeve of mine. Many social networking sites offer the ability to import your contacts from one service into theirs. I know it’s convenient and saves you a lot of time, and helps them attract new users, but what about the privacy of the people you’re ingesting into the new social network? Without.. Read More

The REAL problem w/ PSN

The real problem w/ Sony’s PS3 and PlayStation Network (PSN) isn’t the recent security issue.  That’s definitely A Problem, but it’s not the network’s biggest. Speed. Last night I wanted to play Gran Turismo 5 (thanks, John!).  I haven’t played it since it’s launch, and I’ve finally come to grips that I’m not going to use the expensive steering wheel that I bought for the last Gran Turismo.  The wheel’s.. Read More