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SNES 360

Ok, so by now you know that I’ve been playing some SNES games on the Macbook Mini.  It’s definitely been fun, but the qwerty control method was just way too goofy for me. I needed a control pad — it was driving me nuts! I’ve had a few in the past, but they were always cheap-ish affairs that… well, sucked. I then pondered whether or not it was possible to.. Read More

UNIX turns 40 :’)

I’m reading this article at So far, it’s a good history of what is the basis of so much amazing software <3 :’)

Keyboard shortcuts for pop-up menus :O

Whoa.  I’ve created & modified keyboard shortcuts for apps, but I didn’t realize it worked like this.  I know of a few places I can use this already :’) Thanks, Brent! MarsEdit tip: shortcuts for weblog menu: MarsEdit tip: shortcuts for weblog menu In MarsEdit there are two weblogs I post to most often, and I don’t like pulling down the menu item via my mouse to choose the.. Read More

Third-party browsers on iPhone are official

iPodNN | Apple greenlights third-party iPhone browsers: Apple greenlights third-party iPhone browsers A slate of new third-party web browsers has unexpectedly appeared at the App Store, reports indicate. Fantastic.  I hope this leads to a mobile version of Firefox that supports addons.