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Google Calendar to iCal Sync. For free. Srsly.

Google Calendar CalDAV support – Calendar Help Center: So the hunt for a Google Calendar/iCal sync tool is over.  There were tons of third party tools out there, and the free ones I found were either crappy, manual, outdated or some combination of those three. Luckily for us, Google’s finally made their information accessible via the CalDAV format.  Deedas & I were just talking about this yesterday, and he was.. Read More

Eff you, iPhone backup process

After reading this story, I’ve decided that I too, am going to skip the backup process. It takes me a LONG time to do my backups, and I’m quite tired of it. I don’t think it’s worth having the backups, given I can get the apps quickly, my data’s in MobileMe and the backups don’t work, anyway. I was late to two events last weekend because of it. I don’t.. Read More

Rock Band 2 Setlist

Holy balls…. 84 songs.  That’s a ton.  Plus, for $4, you can port all of the RB1 songs that were on the original game disc to RB2 (for ~$5), and your RB1 downloads will automatically work :) 1. AC/DC – “Let There Be Rock”-1970s 2. AFI-“Girl’s Gone Grey”-2000’s 3. Alanis Morissette-“You Oughta Know”-1990’s 4. Alice in Chains-“Man in the Box”-1990’s 5. Allman Brothers-“Ramblin’ Man”-1970’s 6. Avenged Sevenfold-“Almost Easy”-2000’s 7. Bad.. Read More

10k on

This would’ve been way way way more if the scrobbler worked for my iPod, but with iPhone scrobbling, it’s going up pretty steadily.  Audiobooks aren’t counted, and podcasts take up 1-2 hours sometimes, so I’ll be going a bit slower than some, I think. I think it was Beirut that put me over the top.  Nice.