Welcome to the new layout for Macdork.com. :)

I've been neglecting the site, as promised.  Tonight, when I checked it out (no idea why), I thought I'd try out an all css-based layout.  Frankly, I'm SO tired of doing table/slice-based layouts that I *had* to give this a try.  I want to see if it's as easy to create a clean looking site as the books I've read tell me it is.

So far, I have to admit, I'm very much liking how well things have fallen together.  This new feel represents 3 hours worth of work (from "Hmm....." to "Wow!"), and the flexibility is going to be really nice.  Of note, I've switched from sans-serif fonts to serif (Georgia, in particular) because of my reliance on LCD-based monitors.  The argument used to be that sans-serifs looked a good deal better on computer screens, but since I *only* use LCDs these days, I thought I'd try something new.

Anyway, I hope no-one's expecting any kind of frequent updates -- I just don't have the creative juice to keep up w/ a proper blogroll, so this will remain a dumping ground for my digital junk.  If you've read this far, you likely only found this page because a bot got you here, so bugger off!  I'll update the rest of the site to use this new template I've created in Dreamweaver sometime tomorrow.  It's midnight now, and I don't feel up to it.


Welcome to MacDork.com

Why?  I've put this site together mostly to consolidate all of the web-based services I provide myself, and to finally have someplace to call my own. I don't fancy myself much of a writer, so there won't be any real prose here, but it's nice to have a spot to vent now & again.

What?  Most of the content you'll find here will be centered around Macs, Lotus Domino and video games (mostly console and Lineage). From time to time, I'll venture off into other things that interest me, but I don't intend this to be a very personal site.

When? Updates to this site will likely be on a basis that suits my mood, so don't come here looking for daily content. :p