PrisonI don’t much care about the prison business, but I have to say that I’m pleased that they’re cutting back on the housing plans.  The county I’m in is going to become a major military support area when the other area military bases finish getting relocated (BRAC) to Fort Meade.  What that means to me is higher home values — there are already quite a few empty houses in the area, and I’m still seeing new housing developments springing up, albeit at a decreased growth rate. 
My concern is that the housing market’s going to over saturate the market and plummet the prices into nothingness.  I’m quite happy w/ the way it is right now — I hope the housing initiative gets cut.

County seeking ways to cut back — —
By Steven Stanek and Ruma Kumar | Sun reporters
May 14, 2008

Plans to expand a local jail and an initiative to create housing for Anne Arundel’s workers could be on the chopping block this year as county lawmakers look for ways to scale back government spending and rechannel money to schools.