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PS3 Firmware 2.4 is out

Trophies are a go — in-game messaging?  Go. The only regrets I have are that I’m not home to get it downloaded (at Sony’s ridiculously slow pace) I just got my 100th headshot award in Uncharted last night. I finally bought a DualShock 3 last week, and it’s amazing what a difference it makes.  The controller finally feels like it’s the proper weight, and the feedback is exactly what I’ve.. Read More

Chrono Trigger Coming to Nintendo DS

I know JohnBoy’s gonna love this news :) Chrono Trigger Coming to Nintendo DS: One of the most loved RPGs coming to the Nintendo handheld. By Sam Kennedy, 07/01/2008 See that image? It’s a screen capture of the Square Enix countdown page for Chrono Trigger for DS. How do we know? Well, the ctds (Chrono Trigger DS) in the page’s URL, not to mention the emblematic Chrono series clock imagery,.. Read More