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Chrono Trigger DSChrono Trigger Coming to Nintendo DS:
One of the most loved RPGs coming to the Nintendo handheld.
By Sam Kennedy, 07/01/2008

See that image? It’s a screen capture of the Square Enix countdown page for Chrono Trigger for DS. How do we know? Well, the ctds (Chrono Trigger DS) in the page’s URL, not to mention the emblematic Chrono series clock imagery, are pretty telling. It also doesn’t hurt that scans from the Japanese magazine Jump confirming the game have just started hitting the web. So yeah, after being rumored for quite some time, Chrono Trigger is headed for the DS. And it appears to be a port of the original game, not a remake.

Those of you who’ve played the original no doubt know of its greatness (it’s my personal favorite RPG of all time), but for those of you who haven’t, check out this recent episode of Retronauts or this Chrono Trigger club to get a better understanding of why it’s so loved. So while Chrono Trigger for the DS isn’t exactly the Chrono news fans have been hoping for these past few years, I’m still pretty stoked. How about you guys?